a tribute to one of the top carnivores
p.s. i cannot vouch for the sound of a fox or what it says but we can imagine
Ylvis - The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]
food chains
  • the transfer of energy form one organism to another as organisms feed in a sequence.
  • producers are organisms of the first feeding level that are able to produce their own food
  • plants (terrestrial), phytoplankton (aquatic) and some bacteria are example of producers and are classed as photoautotrophes or chemoautotrophes
  • photo (light) autotrophes (producers) use sunlight energy to convert inorganic carbon dioxide and water to chemical energy - food (glucose)
  • chemo or chemical autotrophes - bacteria obtain their energy by the breakdown of chemical compounds usually along processes that follow decomposition. e.g. nitrifying bacteria that convert ammonia compunds of a decaying animal to soil nitrates

another look at food chains and food webs
you can allow the next video to load and learn about cycles

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a decent doc on ecosystems