The ileum is the final section of the small intestines and plays a key role in absorption.In humans it is 2-4 meters long.The function of the ileum is to mainly absorb vitamin B12 and bile salts and other products that were not absorbed by the jejunum.the wall of the ileum is made up of folds each containing tiny finger-like projections on its surface known as villi and on these villi are micro villi.Thus the ileum has a very large surface area.Cells of the ileum secrete various hormones into the blood.Cells in the lining of the ileum secrete two enzymes which are responsible for the final stage of protein and carbohydrate digestion into the lumen of the intestine.From the ileum all undigested material is sent to the colon.
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bile is more associated with the duodenum than the ileum
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