Explain how these organs function in the process of digestion and assimilation.

Your liver performs more than 500 jobs within your body - and can continue to function if 75% of it is diseased or removed.

  • good format and good information on the liver and pancreas
  • diagrams are good and the list of processes perfomed by the liver well put together
items to fix
  1. the heading should be changed when talking about the pancreas as it is not involved in assimilation. the liver is the organ performs both digestion and assimilation
  2. no clear explanation of the function of bile and the pancreas as neutralizers (alkaline solution) of acidic chyme and the mechanical digestion of fat.
  3. note that these organs aid the last of the mechanical digestion process(fat using bile) and represent the completion of starch chemically along with the intiation of chemical digestion in the small intestines


good work guys. Below are some ponts to fix or pay attention to:

  1. tweek format as you begin to talk about the pancreas there is another liver diagram no more informative than the former.
  2. In fact the liver was over represented with 6 diagrams to one ad a half for the pancreas
  3. bile is not released 'into the stomach' it should read it is released 'into the duodenum'
  4. be clear that the function of bile is mechanical digestion of fat and to neutralise acidic chyme from the stomach
  5. re-format giving a heading for the functions of the liver specific to the process of digestion and assimilation of products of digestion
  6. no mention of what the liver does with amino acids absorbed from the gut